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Year by year the heat wave increases. During summer it becomes tough to go through the day to day activities without having an air-conditioned room. On the other hand; your AC system also becomes older and it may develop problems during summer. If you want not to face problems then go for the effective AC repair services in Kolkata at Roy Service Center. Here, you can attain services from the experts with high care. In addition, they use the latest tools and techniques to repair your AC, which helps your AC to work for longer duration without causing any unwanted hazard.

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Window AC Repair

Get expert, Window AC Repair repair services from Kolkata repairs and enjoy the fastest on-site service with affordable prices all over Kolkata.

Split AC Repair

Split AC Repair

We're #1 in providing repair service for Split AC Repair. Our trained engineers from Kolkata, familiar with every brand of Split AC.

Inverter AC Repair

We're #1 in providing repair service for Inverter AC. Our trained engineers from Kolkata, are familiar with every brand of Inverter AC.

Samsung AC Repair Service In Kolkata

Whirlpool AC Repair Services In Kolkata

LG AC Repair Services in Kolkata

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Energy Efficiency

As you know the cost of electricity is also increasing as the temperature so, you will strive to attain energy efficient AC systems. With the help of regular maintenance and services, you can achieve so. You will have to bear less amount of money as electricity bill by using your AC for longer hours as well. A malfunctioning AC system may consume more electricity and it may cause a heavy damage to your pocket as well apart from the system itself. If needed, the expert technicians at Roy Service Center will suggest you to change some faulty parts in time. All of these things will lead you towards a great savings as well as uninterrupted cooling services in your home.

Improved Air Quality:

Great numbers of environmental factors are there for which people are facing respiratory problems. If you intend to keep your body healthy then, consume fresh air first. However, you should remember that your faulty AC system may also be one of the reasons of polluted air. Not to indulge yourself as well as your family members to breath poisonous air; you will therefore take steps to improve the air quality, comes through the AC installed in your room. Whether the filter or other important parts of your AC is working properly or not becomes a great concern for the AC technicians of this renowned AC service center in Kolkata, Roy Service Center.

Increased Longevity of the AC:

Proper and timely care of an AC helps it to work uninterruptedly for a longer period. It works not only better and provides fresh air but also runs for longer years as well by getting timely servicing. However, servicing done with latest technological instruments and advanced knowledge by the expert technicians may make a great difference. So, let you get familiar with Roy Service Center, a pioneer AC service center in Kolkata.

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